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  flexibility of relational differences
gary e. davis
June 2020
Regarding phenomenality as outside oneself becomes second nature in infancy, yet it’s derivative of primal phenomenal appeal. More mature versions of this differ-
ence become important, later and conversely (differentiation—> pre-differenti-
ation, i.e., appellant openness), for creativity and discovery.

Flexibility with differentiations (differentiation <—> pre-differentiation) is a hallmark of a life where learning never ends, which is good for every dimension
of being well.

But succinctly representing that conceals the individuated (embodied) facility
which creative flexibility and open discovery can display.

To say that (1) the liminality of enacting receptivity (being) toward what looks responsive (being: there) is “perpendicular” to (2) relating (being) with another is heuristic—figurative, trope-ical.

Something (being: there) is usually relative to an at-least-implicit “frame” of interpretation (implicitly mirrored by the other) and at-least-implicit stance or position of purposive interest which faces the other whom/which may satisfy interest.

In short, “is” is always implicitly in quote marks, troping relevant enframing (background mirrored in inter-ality) and/or enstancing (“windowing” discovery or disclosure).

Detailed psychalanalysis of creative process and discovery would be a long discursive venture (which I intend for later). An elusive reality of self-differential flexibility is that, since differentiability individuates from early life onward, frames and stances implicate commonly deep-seated conceptuality and capability for conceiving (or conceptualization). The implicitly large-scale meaning of something tends toward the implicitly large-scale importance of something, implying an open horizon of world(s) in one’s life, inter-al with one’s life irt each heuristically-bounded “world”: a plural horizonality whose telic cohering is the appellant futurity of oneSelf: one’s singular, finite life.

For instance, an intimate relationship is a “world” apart from a profession or an old friendship or being a parent—and bearing the tribulations of being aptly apparent.

Indeed, being aptly apparent relative to each mode of one’s life is a manifold appropriativity of flexible perspectivity that we often flub.

The plural horizonality of one’s life might have a prevailing sway or leaning that is introversional, but will have extraversional aptness, too.

The conceptuality of a world is a domain of its own with a range of its own.

Many appreciatives styles, scopes, and leanings may be applicable to relating (being in relation to [irt], of inter-ness or interality).

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