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  receptive (rc) / responsive (rs) liminality irt
[rc/rs] reference / [rc/rs] significance difference

gary e. davis
June 2020
Phenomena have, and we give to phenomena meaning and significance: Meaning is already given to expressions; or we give meaning—denotation (direct reference) and connotation (horizonal implicature?). Likewise with significance.

In most all experiences, the meaning and significance of phenomena are each mixed, as well as the difference between meaning and significance often being vague.

Saying that “meaning is given” or “significance is given” may give ‘given’ rc/rs resonance calling for interpretation (an S/s differentiation, giving way to a specific intent) and appropriation (an s/p differentiation, dwelling with the other) apart from ordinary givenness.

This page is mainly a placeholder for more discussion of the vastly implicative difference later (e.g., re: scale of evidentiary validity irt scale of valuative appeal).

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