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gary e. davis
June 2020
Flourishing Selves of awing intelligence can make themselves beautifully acces-sible to a relatively ordinary public. To famed theoretical physicist Richard Feynaman, the pleasure of finding things out was as cultural as not. For the theoretical physicist Sean Carroll, “the big picture” of life, meaning and the universe calls for “poetic naturalism” (ch. 2). How Mathematicians Think, “using ambiguity, contradiction, and paradox to create mathematics” is a conceptual tropology.

Minds full of prospectivity can feel to be flying mindfulness awing in animate labyrinths like a generative consilience of leading minds in tangled bushiness, where the history of life is a synergy of inestimable stringy manifolds evincing inestimable stringy manifolds, including essential “horizontal gene transfer” across the eons, like memic influence of endless forms across domains of inquiry, that deconstruct notions of lineage.

So called “evo-devo” biology (evolutionary-developmental) is composed of Endless Forms Most Beautiful, “finding nature‚Äôs deep design” a question of beauty, also for ultimacy of physics, where quantum worlds and the emergence of spacetime are like mathematically loving “the heart of hidden reality” calling for visions of infinity by some laughing “demon in the machine” of cosmic intelligibility.

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