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  self-enhancive love of learning
gary e. davis
May 23, 2022
Neo-natal joy in fascination (which individuates into sustained curiosity, exploration, etc.) actually begins pre-natally: the innate, emergent openness (pre-representationally emergent capacity for experience) of there being moving sound gradually enlightening sentience of oneSelf.

Mother’s voice gradually embraces baby weeks before it leaves ambient lightness of her sloshing appeals to awakening—forgotten in dark serenity of floating nights (that oceanic feeling), altogether instilling a feel for times.

So, passing into overwhelming light of birth isn’t the beginning of intelligent being (let alone origin). Awakening capacity has been ongoing for many weeks (since the 25th-or-so week of gestation).

Thereby, most essentially, “intelligence” is learnability in-and from pre-natal Opening which intrinsically wants to individuate (an intrinsic ValueV).

Then, long individuation—one’s sophisticating love of life—enriches itself with emergent anticipations, appreciations, and memories, to maybe eventually embody some high-minded synergy of learnedness which loves worlds’ givenness to one’s own degree of horizonality.

That’s especially evident with giftedness: Learning loves the learning. One can’t get enough of it! It’s often better than literal food (that non-preferred break from tripping, necessary for returning to a path, a sea, a climb).

Such integral Self-enhanciveness can be elaborated (eventually, I will) as having individuated into a highly flexible autonomy of belonging with worlds (far beyond a notion of proteany) through self-designing (articulating, in the sense that a curriculum is designed) telic cohering of one’s singular life. “Eventuially.”

Autonomous belonging with worlds is far from egoistic, just as artistry of one’s Work—creative pathmaking (the Work of art which may evince a conception of its odyssey)—yields a “work of art” from dwelling with worlds of lifeworldliness.

The paradigm of such work is literary because narrativity (narratable path—by text, by streaming film/video) is integral to understanding which is [re]composed mutually in reading/viewing the author’s (or authors’) constructed (enpathed) presentation. That is, narration unwittingly allegorizes authorial composition for presentaton: that authorital transposition of given (backstage, enpathic) Work into the published work (with reader-projectible authorship), thereby showing,
to some degree, reader Self-mirroring.

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