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  preface to “designing and remembrance”
gary e. davis
November 24, 2023
The postings listed here for “designing and remembrance” date from 2018 to
2023 (a few earlier) and are not listed as part of conceptualist “appealing ways of understanding.” They have a spirit of diary-ish journaling and personal address (like “writing lives” five years ago). The two modes are complementary, together more inner directed in complement to more outer-directed writing.

My inner/outer feeling for the difference tropes distantly (echoes) the difference between self expression (private life) and interpersonal expression (public life) represented by the “self/[inter]personal difference,” though that tropal “internalist”/“externalist” difference pertains (scales) to both private life (close friendship, near kinship, intimacy) and public life (casual friendship, distant kinship, solidarity).

My initial motive for having two Websites was a feeling for that difference, after
I started a few years earlier than (and I still haven’t put time into site designing which I want to someday do).

The grouped and sequenced listings for “designing and remembrance” are impro-
vised; so, the grouping/sequencing may change. I want a sensible gathering of all recent years’ “internalist” writing online (together with “appealing ways…”) for the sake of developing cycle 5 of the Project.

But the tropal inner/outer difference is merely heuristic, especially because “appealing ways...” overrides the difference, as does “designing and remem-brance.” The preface to “appealing ways...” offers a complementary sense of discursive living.

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