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  singularity of a still-flowering life
gary e. davis
June 10, 2022
  Flourishing humanity” and various points of that horizon led to abstractly exis-tential, confessional, creative, and conceptual ventures below, whose mid-May now (in retrospect) feels like an earlier season, scaling a horizon beyond any brief synoptic.

Yet, belief in the worth of our sharing paths is a happy one.

  What’s integral to engaged, meaningful lives? -|- May 2022
  deep heights appealing to low shallows -|- May 2022
  loving mental playces -|- May 2022
  self-enhancive love of learning -|- May 2022
  enthralling appeal -|- May 2022
  on a way to fulfilling conceptual appeal -|- June 2022
  conceptual appeal -|- June 6, 2022
  scaling an individuated Flow -|- June 7, 2022
  singularity of a comprehending life -|- June 9, 2022


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