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  wanting telicity of appellant cohering
gary e. davis
July 25, 2022
  Between November and July (below), I achieved a lot, to be eventually shared.

November 2021
bibliophilic confession

My desk is in front of (backed by) a set of book-filled shelves, distilled from years of searching for the best contemporary philosophical / psychological / Literary thinking. The result mirrors the mindfulness that I’ve become. I feel mirrored by my constellating.

That may seem pretentious (a conceit), but normal conceptual interest in comprehensive comprehension—never to be achieved, of course; but generatively appealing— should feel owned by the life that’s drawn into the appeal. Enowning the appeal cares to orient thinking relatively.

As part of the next phase of my constellating, I intend to work with a preferred bibliography which is proximally parsed into ten areas, each given a felicitous label, which simply names a subset of the bibliography:
  • more flourishing
  • phenomenality
  • humanity
  • conceptuality itself
  • realism
  • creative intimacy
  • evolving mind
  • Literarity
  • virtue
  • futuring

Some areas include few items (essays, books); most include several items. The set tropes a horizonality. Postings in an area are [to be] themic points gradually constellating the area (which has been my sense of area development all along).

Altogether, I’m living “perpendicular” to all of those areas. My constellating is usefully (to me) characterized as a pragmatically discursive (or discursively pragmatic) holism of regioning (tropographical) importants (tropical foci).

July 2022
playing to a muse

Drawn into the appeal, curiosity-led exploration prevails over problem-finding/solving, which of course presumes exploring in the first place.

An eventual sense of holism merely tropes its ultimately receding horizonality—holizing, if you will, wholly ending love of it all endlessly renewing one.

Enhancive love of learning fulfills itself conceptually because ultimacy is evolving.

Meanwhile, so much humanity suffering unsustainability has no time for growing to appreciate scholars’ luxuries: What collaborative global leadership is going to counter the epochal inertia of the heat? How do we evolve educational excellence which secures the leadership? How do we institute overriding efficacy of astute reasoning against marketing of political chicanery?

Thinking to embody, then exemplify, a truly appropriative comprehension must divine a generativity fair to the reality We are. How can a philogenic gardener do justice to that?

Literary convening always risks becoming far less exemplary than its ideal-typical hopes, even in light of long years of selective preference, especially because an extended construction of discursive contemporaneity will be antedated by Our accelerating evolution which quickly frames timeliness as topical for historiology (if not becoming largely forgotten, supposing one even was timely).

So it goes in seafaring: You return home to maybe know it for the first time, but you’re now an alien. Your mark on Earth is just text.

“Phenomenality”…”realism”…”creative intimacy”—so much constellating can be shown!

But, an enduring appeal in a congregation of voices—life-changing effects, eraic transformation of thinking—can look to be a private artistry of centripetal solitude mirroring curious luxury.

Unless prospecting can keep pace with unprecedented emergences, there’s no lasting point. So, I am obsessed with virtues of practicality. I divine sacredness in high-scale felicity that’s aptly attuned to what does matter: the best within, among Us.

Wasn’t there always an intuition of evolutionarity in divining? Time, being how things go, draws us into the ultimate appeal of being well which furthers flourishing.

May we grow up well, achieve well, pay forward well, and move on to grow more—as well as time gives.

In the beginning, there were stories of how we best prefer, how we most value.
The story of being Time is evolving integral value of engaged, meaning-filled lives.

In telic light of appellant cohering, We prospect what is comprehensively most reasonable, served by useful distinctions (and conceptions) for the sake of better-oriented action in, one hopes, progressive thinking which may divine progressive practice.

We prospect and garden so many varieties of preferring, then stand for, better expressions of Our shared humanity, idealizing being better for the sake of better humanity, which may be altogether better being.

Yet, no virtue of futuring—being a flourishing life idealizing a better humanity through conceptual engagement which leads to discursive constellating—can override the reality that receptive futures will emerge unprecedented by precursors’ want.


  Be fair. © 2022, gary e. davis