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  bibliophilic confession
gary e. davis
November 10, 2021

first version:

My desk is in front of (backed by) a set of book-filled shelves, distilled from years of searching for the best contemporary philosophical / psychological / Literary thinking. The result mirrors the mindfulness that I’ve become. I feel mirrored by my constellating.

That may seem pretentious (a conceit), but normal conceptual interest in comprehensive comprehension—never to be achieved, of course; but generatively appealing— should feel owned by the life that’s drawn into the appeal. Enowning the appeal cares to orient thinking relatively.

As part of the next phase of my constellating, I intend to work with a preferred bibliography which is proximally parsed into nine areas, each given a felicitous label, which simply names a subset of the bibliography:

  • phenomenality
  • being a flourishing life
  • conceptual appeal
  • Literarity
  • creative intimacy
  • virtue
  • humanity
  • evolving mind
  • futuring

Some areas include few items (essays, books); most include several items. The set tropes a horizonality. Postings are themic points in a sub-constellation (i.e., each area).

I’m living in some dimension “perpendicular” to all of those areas. My evolving constellation can be usefully (to me) characterized as a pragmatically discursive (or discursively pragmatic) holism of regional (tropographical) importants (foci), but whose conceptuality is not to be regarded classically (i.e., ontically).

That said, I “beg the question” (as They say) of what’s best to mean by ‘pragmatic’, ‘discursiveness’, ‘holism’, and conceptuality itself.

Actually, I wouldn‘t advise begging. I do what follows the appeal because it interests me, not that I presume others‘ interest. Yet, for our possibly shared pleasure—possibly?—we, I go on.



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