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gary e. davis
September 2022
  Decades ago, developmental psychology took a cue from Piaget to fashion conceptions of normative development, which came to be especially associated with Lawrence Kohlberg, but has been modeled and studied in various ways since. Basically, though, the models divide into pre-conventional, conventional, and post-conventional modes of understanding.

What’s post-conventional in its own sense, not relative to conventionality? I think that Jürgen Habermas’s notion of “mature autonomy” articulates that third mode well.

Yet, there’s a higher mode, exemplified by persons who are especially adept at creative appropriation through highly flexible perspectivity of understanding: master teachers, dynamic psychotherapists, improvisational artists, and organizationally leading minds. The virtue of that is beyond well-adapted and adaptive autonomy. I want to understand as best I can how that goes well.

So, various discussions will be linked from here, beginning with:

thinking of “a diversity of selves” -|- Sept. 3
  developmental depth (Self), self awareness, and integral [inter]personalities

more diversity of selves -|- Sept. 5
  My approach is very corroborated by the diversity of others’ views.



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