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  scaling an individuated Flow
gary e. davis
June 7, 2022
Looking at a sequenced list of 21 topics I want to focus on (dwell with) soon, relative to a large set of others’ texts (essays, books), I recognize that mentioning them would seem arbitrary—some topics being apparently traditional, some obscure.

“OK, so you’ve got a series of interests. Don’t we all. What’s the point? What’s The Point?”

Suppose a rapture evinced from the stars.

No, ha—well, I’m told the gods Out There have a sense of humor, Silently witnessing Our evolving.

Anyway, being too succinct, I suppose: An enthralling appeal of belonging with the futural good* of humanity’s ecological flourishing calls for advancing points of promising life as best one can, such that the emergent pointillism can be shown to altogether trace into the same appellant cohering of…Of Where?

Meanwhile, a virtue of recursive, ultimately open intelligence, caring to participate in prospecting Our inclusive fitness—Our appropriation of emergent prospects—may show autopoietic promise for advancing Our long-term humanity, Our autotelic Earthanity. Maybe?

In any case, evolving conceptuality shows as appellant cohering always drawing a way to better appreciability, which is derivatively served by better orientations of action and pragmatic thinking.

Among the innumerable pragmatic relevants (points of intelligibility which a generative constellating may select) are notions of preference as such and prospecting a promising scale of appellant value.

Why is ideality so appealing?

How goes generativity at best?

How does a most-flexible and fruitfully free associative perspectivity emerge, and what’s the best way of understanding its character?

I find radiant gravity in a trans-horizonal heartfulness of phenomenology. So, what can become of that? What can I fruitfully do with creative intimacy?

What can a mind do with the appeal of evolving intelligibility, conceivability?

What can be practically made of emergent prospecting altogether which might be validly called the Point of evolving conceptuality?

I do not know. Yet, I—with you, I trust—love such questioning, questing—such ultimate childsplay.

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