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  importance as the better appeal
of what matters

gary e. davis
July 19, 2017

Why is something appealing? So much is appealing that there’s no general answer except, perhaps, to dwell with appealingness. Is appealingness the range of welcomed feeling evinced by experiences (phenomenal advents)? Is that generally about things? ideas?

Yet, importance of something X is more than X appealing. Importance is always for some import which is relative to interests of action. Is appeal just welcomed feeling, and importance is what matters?

‘Mattering’ feels like some primal notion, beginning in need, developing through emergent desires into one’s own desire, “what I’m about.” Indeed, ‘matter’ is as old as English (and has a large range of senses). A matter, simply, is a concern; and to matter is literally: to be important. (A material sense of matter derives from the natural condition that survival depends on material sufficiency. Material concerns basically matter, along with other basic matters, such as safety and belonging.)

We do commonly ask about something “What’s the appeal?” In other words, why is that X appealing?

It’s important. A general sense of appeal (as such: appealingness) can be derived, but that would be relative to a general sense of importance, I would argue. There is Appellantness, perhaps, as abstraction from a constellation of appeals; but I want to insist on relativity to “what” matters, relativity to the better constellation of importances for interests of action: The Importance of purposively concerting however much relevantly matters most for interests of action; or concerting the high importances of action.

So, how do we determine most importance (relative to other given importances)? What is importance as such?

Notice that above I have not used the term ‘value’. I want to later dwell with formal “theory of value” (traditionally called “axiology,” an ugly term; better: Valulogy?). That will pose ‘value’ as an emblem for a particular set of relationships, which I’m exemplifying here prior to formal analysis.

That which prevails for an interest of action I call action-oriental. “Value” is about action-oriental relations of importance and appeal. To be worthwhile is to be importantly appealing for interests of action.


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