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gary e. davis
July 29, 2017

If tendencies toward wholly flourishing life also advance (or support) ecologically flourishing humanity, isn’t that great!

If we can derive the best conceivable conceptions of wholly flourishing life and ecologically flourishing humanity, what more could one want than, in short, life enhancing humanity?

The challenge, then, is conceptual, in an aspirational sense in which knowledgeable imaginability may tenably comprehend ways to advance (and enhance) human flourishing well and maybe lastingly.

In light of that—given substantial explication—historical retrospection shows itself in new ways. Premodern “holiness” anticipates what didn’t yet have a better conceptuality: The holy is (I would proffer) monumentalization of highest importances, then institutionalization of that in literatures, familial identities, and social pragmatics (or tribal, then political, stabilizations).

No premodern supernaturalization is required for understanding how we may be “dedicated to a sacred or selfless purpose” (Merriam-Webster Unabridged); or show in our way of life that great tropes of perfectibility and highest revere-ence (what’s deemed “divine”) can have lasting appeal for growing minds.

Not to be pretentious, but I want to insightfully cherish, as best I can, how we may find beauty emerging from good, good from truth, and how such 3-fold Appeal may be highly (conceptually) and best comprehended.

How? That’s a far horizon.


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