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  authentic Self centeredness
integrity of mindfulness
gary e. davis
August 11, 2017

Authentic Selfality isn’t egoistic. Self centeredness is integral to mindful, differentially appreciative lives. Authentic selfality (in more words: openly enowned enspiriting of life-oriental being well) lives comfortably with appreciated differences between itself (oneSelf in-and-for one’s life) and genuineness with persons, i.e., variably s/p differentiatial interaction.

Flourishing life-oriental cohering of S/s/p differentiality potentially expresses an authentic Selalf reflectivity that is integral to there being fascinating phenomena; or—I would proffer—ethical artistry of generative mindfulness.

That’s “I”-centric, so to speak, because the futurity of a good life belongs to the singular living of continuous years (not the “lateral” contemporaneity of all the relationships in one’s life). So, it’s “egocentric” is the sense of fully temporal (“vertical”) Selfality that is not egoistic.

Such Selfality is easily inter-selfal—intimately identifying-with, as if “you” are a “soulmate”; or as if enchantment or elation with something itself is intimately responsive (owning intention). Or personifications of things are intimations of invisibly grand potentials, as if they’re intrinsically potentiated. An author is written into literary reading. My sense of you still here is “real.”

All in all—in the conceptual horizon—Selfality dissolves into thriving phenomenality of the day, of lives, as flourishing phenomenality of living “this” time, this day, especially (for creative life: The Ecstatic Quotidian) in being released into play by phenomenality (and conceptuality entranced in its self-enhancive generativity), gaining telic cohering of Itself.


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