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  devo2/evo2 inteligance
gary e. davis
August 25, 2017

Being programmatic may do little more than signal that further work here (Work-based presentation) is to be relative to Work with specific others’ works, where the basis Work of each other’s work is unavailable to any reader, but can be projectively retrojected as part of a virtual communion of Individuations, like some selectively protean spirit of early 21st century humanity—some fiction of “the” genealogy of [leading] Mind.

I’ll call that retrojective fiction of a leading scientific artistry—a divine association— Mindality: a luscious, post-ontologistic concept that is essentially Open, yet in a sense (devo2/evo2 here and after) that’s provisionally specifiable in terms of the party of works brought into particular communions of appealing domains.

Creative individuation of high talent (Csikszentmihalyi) can be theorized well in highly-evidentiary terms of a full conception of inteligance (Gardner), and a model
of triangulating action.

A cohering Work of “voices” (works brought into the party—seminar—of Work: inquiry, conceptual prospecting in possibly new conceptual terms, modeling, constellating, and so on) can provide a highly appealing (I hope) sense of “conceptual inclusive fitness” (Hull) or “domain mastery” (Csik. again); and then can be tenably brought into furthering Hull’s notion of “demic efficacy” (and “field influence”
[Csik. again]), congruent with what’s sketched above for “evolving demic efficacy”
(sections 24-30).

Discerning potential for leading mind that is evolutionary doesn’t belong to any one inquirer. But it’s at least as articulable as the discourse that may result from working with leading researchers (to my mind: those exemplars in particular).

Actually, my Work with the works of researchers mentioned so far is already done, for the most part. Cycle 1 of has been circumspective of what resulted, circa 2005 to end of 2016. I want to be fair to that in further presentation. But off-line, I’m now doing work beyond the Work of earlier years that’s been circum-scribed. That is, a continuity of the Work will not appear as a direct continuity between Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 of online discussion.


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