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What are you doing with your life?
april 4, 2010


Actions likely serve larger-scale engagements of activity (planned day relative to planned week, etc.), in turn serving longer-viewed projects and purposes. What one is all-in-all doing “presently” is really about the presence of one’s life.

In principle, there’s an all-things-considered holism, implicit and explicit, that is the intelligibility of one’s life. The sensibility of an individuality embodies an intelligibility of one’s life in the world and one’s world in life. As I put it in “valuing” (in accord with J. David Velleman’s sense of value), intelligibility is an all-things-considered holism toward what one is all-in-all doing presently (relative to one’s life Project, discussed below), in light of which one acts appropriately. That is, to act appropriately is to act in accord with, if not in direct light of, holistic appreciation of one’s life. Holism of intelligibility is an implicature of one’s life, with which one’s self identity is entwined. Intelligibility is, in turn, relative to one’s individuality, as a matter of individuation (degree of cultivation), sense of the world generally (in which one is committed), and idiosyncrasy.

Indeed, love one’s idiosyncrasy.

Next: valuing idealization as aspirational appeal for living fruitfully.

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