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admirability of ethically artful living
may 17, 2010


Admirability is a keynote of ethical life. As I mentioned, I’m intending to detail an Appropriative ethics, relative to others’ discursive work; so, comments here are in anticipation of that, but relative to this part of the “conceptuality...” project.

Who’s to say what the ultimate ethical value is. Certainly, pursuit of the question (“What is...?”) can occasion good appreciation for the best in ethical life. Yet, in the high set, integral to the high estate, has to be: genuine graciousness. Persons who are genuinely gracious deserve to be regarded as superior to persons who are not. If I choose one feature indisputably belonging to ethically artful living, it is graciousness. Gracious persons give of themselves not to be loved or to get something in return, but give for the sake of what is given.

Whether or not graciousness deserves ultimacy, it’s exemplary of the admirable life (especially when the life doesn’t overtly seek to be so regarded). To my mind, the exemplary life (thereby gaining admirability) results from excellent individuation, including always desiring to learn (even when learning portends to disturbingly transform the heart of selfidentity, but for the better).

The exemplary life expresses abiding interest in and appreciation of intrinsic human interests (i.e., again, interests that are prospectively intrinsic to being human at best), as part of living in good conscience, because one’s selfidentity is woven into an aspiring sense of our humanity, and conscience shows high fidelity to selfidentity.

So, the compass of practicality and prudence isn’t lateral, so to speak, in a maintenance of common ground for the sake of stability; rather, the compass is inclined toward aspirations expressing an ideality of the well-lived life in an unpretentious exemplarity that’s thereby highly admirable.

I’ve long wanted to gain a good sense of how a creative ethic and an ethic of responsibility can live well together, which I’ll later detail in terms of an Appropriative ethics. That is about the foundation of ethical life in how life as a working art may gain valid prevalence over interpersonal life and as a valid basis for preferences (especially relative to so much market-sustained ordinariness). I want to secure ethicality in “artfully” living, while loving creative exuberance. That may be regarded as already done here (though sometimes obtusely and with too much repetition of themes), but not yet relative to others’ work, which is very important to me.

Anyway, artful living is not wholly about fruitfulness. It’s about a wealth of Meaningfulness—in the Flow of bricolagic days, a play of self, career, and friends, elations of solitude, relationships that stay unwritten, joy, and regular fulfillments. Flourishing as such includes all that, as well as living fruitfully.

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