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I relish the days.
Yea, earthlings
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october 2009

  love of the day
    Any kind of love is kindred with thriving in the day, maybe even ambitiously.
  November 2009
  what's important?
    As best one can, live, love, strive, make, appreciate, give,...
  august 2009
  praising diversity and excellence
    Thinking ecologically can be a beautiful thing to do.
  november 2009
  “living well” as a discursive theme: a preface to further conceptual work
    Aspects of the developmental basis and character of human flourishing
will occupy upcoming discussions.

  august 16, 2009
  a note on the pursuit of happiness
    A philosophical approach to happiness need not be merely idealistic.
  november 2009
  human flourishing implies a “Self” interested ethic
    Why not understand ethics as a prevalence of high Self interest in caring for and about others?
  june 2010
  conceptuality of a good life
    Self efficacy, Purpose, Meaning, Fruitfulness,...
    introduction: 5 sections • February
living brightly: self-determining efficacy: 5 sections • february
good sense of holistic well-being: 5 sections • march
Individuation: 6 sections • april
living fruitfully: 13 chapters • may
flourishing: 6 chapters • June
  september 26, 2010
    Always open to moving on...
  december 2010
  aspects of developing authentic happiness
    —with special interest in creative individuation
    feeling timenov. 8
feeling as minding: 6 sections • nov. 21
a feeling for Self formation: 9 sections • nov. 28
cultivating self-enhancive curiositydec. 5
valuing satisfaction for its place in a promise of fulfillment • dec. 11
enowning development: a manifold sense of self formativity: 3 sections• dec. 28
  July 2013
  feeling for each other
    The continuum of engagements in our lives is beautifully inevitable.
  january 2011
  one more day
    embracing our finitude



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