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june 7, 2010











An entire section of “flourishing” was intended to follow “for a concerted intergenric intimacy” before this, but I’ll do it better later: A sense of ethical flourishing as exemplarity, enhancive of our humanity (my conceptual complex) will gain a wider, higher place for itself. It was to be—is to be—about authentic prudence, flourishing as such, and a sense of Intimacy in selfidentity that draws us into an ambitious sense of our humanity, in terms of evolving humanities and global prospects for cultural evolvability.

Projectivity can be easily mitotic. So goes creative life.

Indeed, the best part of ending is anticipating so much to do and say. There is no ending.

There’s much to say about ‘meaningfulness’ and Meaningfulness, another day.

A good life is relative to “The Good” of a life, which belongs to the life—a life which also might happen to want to theorize itself, but that’s a long way from a general theory of The Good (which remains an interesting notion, relative to that ambitious sense of our humanity).

And what about happiness as such? There’s food for allegory, including the endless demand for books about “happiness” (most not very exemplary). Happiness, I have much to say of you.

I expect to have a happy elderhood (don’t we all). But that’s far away. I don’t have time for “old age,” never will.

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