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  improvisations through early 2012: part of Cycle 1
august 2009
  yea, dance of life
    a note about Merce Cunningham
  september 2009
  a persistence of Romanticism
    after a movie, from urban kitsch to an artistic young woman to die for
  november 2010
  a portrait of Edith
    a woman of means strives to bridge gifted creativity and evolutionary potential
  february 2010
  a creative lamentation
    on pleasures of askewed fruitfulness
  august 2009
  a narrative condition
    preface to a vineland on existing through text.
  april 2012
    Psychic highs evinced by intense appeals are potentially more than intoxicating.
  september 2009
    Jennifer and I on artistic bearing
  september 2009
  “...work of art, etc.”
    The working isn’t about “art.”
  june 2007
  flows in living well by design
    holism is a way of living, more than a state of mind. [This has moved to the gedavis.com site.]
  august 2009
  tropical living as conceptual recreation
    What art the good of our species? I quest and play to find out.
  january 2010
    as a legacy of bringing insightful novelty into expression
  january 2011
  landscaping notes: 2010
    project-ive prospecting as bibliophilia
  january 2011
  creative fidelity
    wandering toward intimately empathic time
  april 2011
    Being in the world contains the mind appreciating itself as being in the world (containing a conception of its conceiving).
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