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September 23, 2020

The “Spring Points” (July) topics are a major addition to “The Project currently.” “Summer constellation” is ended because summer is gone. An autumn collection will form. The “life world” is keeping track of everything.

I’m using Twitter for notices of new material here, along with the “life world” blog. The date above changes when there’s new site material.
life world blog -|- by the way: My obsession with ‘irt’ = in relation to
    Noting what’s new for and for related blogs. It’s more
my home page then here, presently.

  May 2020
Thought of being well (March) must continue in the face of pandemic (May). That’s implicit in playing with genius.
  May 2020
“genius” -|- spirits of history enowned for Our evolving
  March 2019 | some revision: September
a creative life -|- this is introduced with a posting.
  May 2020
The Project currently: Cycle 4

A milestone for The Project was finished in July, 2019. A posting discusses this.

Discussions before 2019 are grouped in parallel with the 16 current Areas, linked for each Area at the end of its “Project currently” Area page.


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