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  life world blog -|- This notes what’s new for my two Web sites and related blogs. It’s my home page more than here, actually.
November 25, 2023
  Empathing toward Andromeda” is proximally about creative process, ultimately about intelligent life. It evinces from the appeal of conceptual work not yet online (which, by the way, isn’t oriented toward astro-fiction).
November 23, 2023
  Complementary to conceptualist “appealing ways of understanding” (Nov. 2) is a gathering today of all diary-ish postings and pages from recent years which aren’t listed in “appealing ways....”: “designing and remembrance.” It’s part of moving beyond cycle 4 of the Project, so its “home” button links back to here, rather than to cycle 5 of the Project (below).
November 2, 2023
  The Project currently: cycle 5 -|- This new era of Project organization will emerge gradually at that page. I have a discussion of cycles 1 to 4.

Most of cycle 4 has been listed in more detail and under fewer, simpler headers as “appealing ways of understanding.” That provides an easier way to get a holistic sense of conceptual prospecting I’ve done in recent years. Its preface is explanatory.

(By the way: My occasional use of ‘irt’ = in relating to.)
Fbruary 6, 2023
  A lot of developmental time has found long-term cohering, which I honored in a practical way with “humbly marking a new year for humanity” (Jan. 11). Now begins a path more focused on my own “terms of venturing” (Jan. 12) with a sense of progressive holism (Jan. 15) implicit. I hope that I’m showing a good horizon of sensibility (Feb. 6).

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