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March 20, 2019

Spring! And “a creative life” (below) expresses a creative life.

Feb. 20: My winter cycle of “The Project currently” (below) is done. That’s not about completion of the Cycle 4 era; rather: it’s a cycle of Project development within the current era of its 16 Areas. Discussions before 2019 are grouped by Area and linked at each Area’s page end.

I’m using Twitter for notices of new material here, in addition to using the
“life world” blog. The date above, and at “The Project currently...” below, changes when new material is listed at its main page.
life world blog -|- By the way: My obsession with ‘irt’ = in relation to
    2004 to present—for noting what’s new to and what’s new for related blogs. It’s more the home page then here, actually.
  March 20, 2019
a creative life | This is introduced with a posting.
  February 20, 2019
The Project currently: Cycle 4

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