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October 16, 2020

An autumn collection has begun. The “Spring Points” topics (link below) were a major addition to “The Project currently.” “Summer constellation” ended because summer ended, but it’s all part of a singular cohering. The “life world” blog is keeping track of everything.

I’m using one Twitter account for notices of new material here; another Twitter account for updates. The “life world“ blog indicates updates for both Web sites. Twitter is used only for updates of Web work (no “Follow“ing, no re-tweeting from elsewhere) and for private, direct contact. That’s an easy way to contact me (as well as by email “contact” above).
life world blog -|- by the way: My obsession with ‘irt’ = in relation to
    Noting what’s new for the two Web sites and for related blogs. It’s my home page more than here, actually.
Thought of being well (March) must continue in the face of pandemic (May).
That’s implicit for my sense of American humanity (and playing with genius).
  September 2020
humanity of Our potentiating futurity
being an American (August) for an American politics of virtue (October)
  May 2020
“genius” -|- spirits of history enowned for Our evolving
  March / September 2019
a creative life -|- this is introduced with a posting.
  July 2020
Spring Points
  October 2020
The Project currently: Cycle 4 -|- Project-relevant discussions for each Area before 2019 are grouped with each current Area, linked at the bottom of each current Area page.


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