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  August 20, 2023
New topics and two topics of mid-August have been combined into “proximal cohering of ordinary life” (Aug. 20), whose third section has six new topics.
June 5, 2023
The first part of my cycle 5 “era” of the Project is “cohering lightness of preferring better being,” which may sound frivolous, but...well, I trust you’ll enjoy it all. It’ll have its own page when the next set of postings is done (which will also have its own page, like all posting sets past).
June 4, 2023
The Project currently: Cycle 5 -|- This begins a new era of organization which will emerge gradually at that page. About cycles 1 to 4.

February 6, 2023
A lot of developmental time has found long-term cohering, which I honored
in a practical way with “humbly marking a new year for humanity” (Jan. 11).
Now begins a path more focused on my own “terms of venturing” (Jan. 12)
with a sense of progressive holism (Jan. 15) implicit. I hope that I’m showing a good horizon of sensibility (Feb. 6).

2022 updates
life world blog -|- This notes what’s new for my two Web sites and related blogs. It’s my home page more than here, actually. (By the way: My occasional use of ‘irt’ = in relating to.)

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