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June 26, 2024
  My main Project has a new discussion, “free associations of a nomadic species,” wandering through a garden of types and kinds.
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-|- This notes what’s new for my two Web sites and related blogs. It’s my home page more than here, though I keep this updated, too.
  All earlier conceptual venturing is easily available via substack.
(My occasional use of ‘irt’ = in relating to; or better: relating with.)

May 4, 2024
  Everyone wants a good story. This is about awing want.
May 1, 2024
  being person-al...” follows directly from April‘s “It’s phenomenal” (not self-referential: about experiencing), which begins a long, specific agenda which I’ve developed during the past year.
February 15, 2024
  Dear Jacques,...” responds to Derrida’s 1987 preface to Psyche: Inven-
tions of the Other
by partnering with his self-analytical sensibility.

January 26, 2024
  Appeal of better ways” constellates an array of themes for more specific attentions later. It’s a good synopsis of what I’m generally doing for my “project of humanity.”
January 24, 2024
  Orienting life in relation with futuring humanity” is inspired by how edu-
cation undermines consumerism, undermines the appeal of authoritarian stances, and welcomes appreciation of manifold mindfulness. Also, my discussion introduces a scalar sense of holism which is generally important for “The Project currently.”

January 19, 2024
  Justification for neologism” anticipates new conceptual writing online which is more orientated by my own terms.
2022—2023 updates
Project cycles 1 through 4
  discussion of cycles 1 to 4 of my long-running Project. Cycle 5 is linked at the top here.

Most of cycle 4 has been listed in more detail and under fewer, simpler headers as “appealing ways of understanding.” That provides an easier way to get a holistic sense of conceptual prospecting I’ve done in recent years. Its preface is explanatory.


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