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humanity of Our potentiating futurity

gary e. davis
September 20, 2020
In the beginning—from Latin through French to English (14th C)—‘humanity’ has been about care, specifically “1 : …being humane: kind or generous,” as being humane is about “compassion, sympathy, or consideration for other[s]….” That leads to being “of, relating to, or characterized by broad humanistic culture”
(i.e., humane studies).

So, you see the centripetal gravity of the appeal here: caring to enable high individuation which is intrinsically appealing. As I noted last year, “the Point
of humanism, in a phrase, is the cultivation of humanity….an art of cultivating humanity,” which is, conversely, caring that such cultivation flourishes.

The humanism of one’s humanity is the humanity of one’s humanism.

That integral integrity of caring makes central the interpersonal character of
the humane humanism of humanity. The other-oriented personalness of this is integral to the appeal of sophisticating one’s humanity in higher individuation or self formation. The self/[inter]personal difference is real (and here) because its integral cohering expresses intrinsic interest in caring that one’s enhancement is exemplified and reflected in being.

So, maybe saying that the personism of one’s personity (personhood) is the per-sonity of one’s personism may seem not so eccentric; rather, a way of empha-sizing that the humane humanism of humanity is about actual lives’ potential for flourishing together. The s/p difference is essential to being “human” well, be-cause the intrinsic interest in self enhancement is in the world where one loves
to belong, as well and as admirably as possible.


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