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soul of Self interest

gary e. davis
September 6, 2020
Soulfully “being of The Worldimplies (for me) appealing difference between being among others while already always being of Our world. There’s a concep-tual enjoyment in that ambiguity (not ironically, yet irony is fun, too), and which can enrich my sense of being.

We do share importances. We share importances which do belong to others like they belong to oneself—and belong to oneself because one is essentially like others.

How that comes to be—how one does feel and show that—reflects an individuation in which generative belonging was preserved from infant attachmentality, cultivated in childhood, and furthered through educational excellence and experience.

Creating opportunities and significantly enabling an enjoyed sense of grand belonging can be for new generations no more appealing than exemplifying
the appeal as worthwhile aspiration for individuation.

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