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soul of Self interest

gary e. davis
September 6, 2020
Why it’s easy for me to be inspired, I don’t ultimately know. The feeling is that I’m expressing appeals that others already share—or easily would. So, the appeal isn’t self differentiating, rather a heightening sense of belonging in the same high aspiration as presumed others. It’s a “high” I locate within us among each other.

“The ‘our’ of the times is generatively one in all,” I noted earlier, and is “exem-plified by each life that owns its potential for aspiration, resilience, love, and goodness. Trust in that sustains and advances hope.”

It is a love for “horizonal appeal of high ideals,” which political example exempli-fies as one kind of appeal among kinds of appeal. “We make gravitational, centri-petal appeals—high ideals—that overridingly orient our journey of evolving better lives.”

“We” make ourselves examples of enjoyed scaling of humanity—and do what we can to evince the appeal of that for others’ aspirations—though we eventually move on to have more of the singular life that is one’s only one to have.

Disorientation from the north star of our humanity disorients our capability for making highly humanistic lives. Others deserve to be encouraged to appreciate the appeal (thanks to intrinsic interest in being the best one can be), but they can’t expect lives that are oriented by the appeal to stay back for slow scalers forever.

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