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soul of Self interest

gary e. davis
September 7, 2020
Basically, importance is always relative to multiple options for orienting action. Importance, as such, is the better appeal (among appeals) of what matters.

“…Sanctifying…rever[es] importances highly (or greatly) that deserve high revere-ence or reverence,” I noted elsewhere.

That pertains especially to one’s potential for being. Sacredness engages us
in the high importances of our potential to be well and to flourish, relative to
all scales of appreciation: holism of life and world. Sacredness can scale to the intrinsic humanity of oneSelf. “We hold the grandest truths self-evident, because they express our humanity as such.”

The notion of sacredness deserves, calls for our ancestral poetics of divining.

Where from comes the light?”

“It’s in the stars.”

“Where’s Heaven?”

“It’s to be here.”

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