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  divining stars
gary e. davis
September 8, 2020
As Voyager 1 was close to leaving our solar system, its managers turned its lens back toward Earth, thereby creating the now-iconic “pale blue dot,” which Carl Sagan mused about, six years before he died at 62, sooner than a star should disappear, relative to so many unenlightening lives continuing into frail old years, lives never to be known.

Yet, that’s life, isn’t it: a matter of cosmic luck in the first place (minuscule), eonic luck for human intelligence, genetic luck, opportunity, and unforeseeable factors, implying numbers (years, reproductive recursions, trees of trees of trees) so large we might as well say, phenomenally speaking, that we’re born from eternity of infinte iterations, being an ultimate mystery evolving its insatiable curiosity exponentially into infinity.

The nature of being human potential for divining our presence (four billion more years to make our being into…into) is evolving Itself in the process of evolving comprehensibility.

Each of us lives unwittingly in an incomprehensibly plural humanity that shep-herds an incomprehensibly singular planetarity, becoming an increasingly sing-ular intelligence gardening the singular organism that evinced that which gardens It while evolving its post-biological being that will remain tied to Our heaven.

What are the stars here: commonwealth, certainly… global public good?... metro-polia… collaborative global political leadership.

We evolve the stars of Our Earthanity that will advance and preserve enlighten-ment. They may coalesce into conceptual constellations having variable near-nesses in complexes (like academic specialties) and distances (like unique inter-domainal ventures), like topographical fields or mental time-spaces, and even rarely as the conceptualities of singular lives whose work gains its Worker’s
proper name (soon antedated as genealogical precedent).

Who are the stars, the leading minds to come—or ones somewhere already there unfound—which highly talented youth will turn through higher education into cultivations beyond the appeals that drew them?

We make gravitationl appeals—high, centripetal ideals and stars—that may over-ridingly orient new journeys of evolving better lives beyond those stars because they’re there, too, for wondering.

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