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soul of Self interest

gary e. davis
September 10, 2020
The scale of ecological relevance, from locality to Earthanity (i.e., Our planet enduring whatever way We let it be), implies incomprehensible ecogeny of humanity strapped with evolving Its only heaven without tangible gods.

Indeed, throughout evolution, the gods always were horizonal mirrors of diviners’ comprehension capability as imputed intelligent design of being.

Evolving scientificity allowed progressive transposition of mythically projected design into model-theoretic realism. Owning Our evolving is necessary for evolving as such.

Intelligence millions of years beyond us in the galaxy (very likely) has made clear by silence that no intervention is to happen, I think because Our sustainability only works if it’s evolved by Us, having to live with Itself, because only inasmuch as We can comprehend Our evolving at the present stage—“Now” (Our modernity, yielding the next unconceived modernity, then the next,...) being always “Our” living presence, the standard of advance so far—only so, being well grounded,
can Our evolving lead Its sustainability foreseeably, thus with assessible manage-ability. (For instance: Though scientists have known for decades that hothouse Earth was on the way, those decades have required social learning that has been necessary, inasmuch as reducing global warming must be done species wide, because We are the problem. Sustainability won’t happen by edict, obviously now. But the awesome scale of recovery across generations to come has been a slower species absorption than a durably progressive politics envisions.)

The “modern” grounding was always evolving. Modernity is merely an era of the evolving. There is no given foundation to be revealed, othereise as if Earth emerged from a seed (as if metaphysics isn’t a discursive formation evolving, too).

Extraterrestrial intelligence that is advanced enough to know we’re burning ourselves to death would be so far beyond the intelligence of Earth (in discern-ibility) that intervention would create helpless self-subjection of Us to Their presence (like ancient tribalists awed by gods) that would retard learning to own (enowning) Our sustainable ecogeny. We must understand what is to be done in order to do Our sustaining. The gods can’t do it for humanity.

If such speculating about Absolute Others seems irrelevant, recall the degree to which humanity has “turned to God” (and accepted catastrophe as “God’s will”) rather than learning how to flourish.

Restoring and sustaining planetary health can only be done by We who have caused the fire. Shepherding biospheric health is our self-imposed responsibility, as well as the grandest opportunity in this corner of the galaxy for advancing planetary intelligence.

So, prospecting comprehensiveness as such can be no better than one’s capability to conceive. Advancing the potential scalarity of generativity is, relatively speaking, metagenerative.

What can be said about relativity of conceivability? That’s not about linguistic relativity. It’s an issue of how pre-characterized or pre-discursive conceivability advances itself. (By the way, machine learning dynamics don’t capture human mentability, let alone creativity, while that “deep learning” does model preling-uistic mentability crudely—albeit at awesome speed— which human creativity easily outstrips with small data sets.)

Mediately, individuation of complex understanding empowers capability for conception, including advancing enablative felicity of conceptual scaffolding. Enjoying the journey feels necessary, because scaling higher gets rocky.

The prospect of higher conceivability is for higher insight-potential scalarity of capability—or, stated more colloquially as a question: What are the conditions for the possibility of original insight? (I recall the opinion of theoretical physicist Lee Smolin years ago, in The Trouble with Physics, that Earthly intelligence hasn’t evolved the mathematical capability necessary to testably model quantum gravity or string-theorized space-time as emergent from quantum foam.)

How extraordinary can possibility credibly be?

Can fusion energy generation be controllable, then miniaturized to make any interest in fossil fuels forever irrelevant?

Will General A.I. one day be so massively integrated throughout the planet that
the danger of superhuman centralization becomes moot?

Will “humanity” become permanently divided between naturals (still biologically based) and genetically-enhanced, post-biological beings?

Will interfacing with other intelligence in the galaxy cause intelligence of Earth to become part of evolving intelligence in the Local Region that long ago became
an inter-galactic lattice?

Is intelligence of Earth the first presence in the galaxy that will be the exemplar that later beings will search to hear—but believe, in the face of our Great Silence,
that they’re Alone?

Those kinds of ideas are already well worn by science fiction, of course, because extraordinary conceptions have often mirrored folk conceivability at its best. Magical realists can be grand wonders.

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