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gary e. davis
November 2, 2023

So, here you are, re: autobiographical enthusiasms which I lightly call “confessions.

An audience of myself is enough here, like all private journaling. I’m not writing for someone else. I'm documenting psychal appeals. If no one else ever reads these postings, that’s fine with me.

I have no sense presently of when or how I’ll give time to autobiographical things.
I’m more interested in living, in odysseys (tropically speaking—well, maybe some- what literally, in a modern sense of aging richly) than yet to remember what’s happened.

Nothing was added after 2017, until today: I moved some items from “appealing ways of understanding” to here.

Updates here will be noted at “life world” and listed near the top of the
contents page here. The “literary living” link at the top of the contents page is old: It links to Cycle 2 of Project development, which is currently in Cycle 5, discussed here.

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