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  Cycle 3 of cohering.net: autumn 2017—

March 9, 2020:

The vague anticipation of last September (below, now irrelevant, but instructive) became a decision to merge cohering.net and gedavis.com through 2017; call that Cycle 3 of The Project. I call it “sundry gardening” (header button above). Fresh work, 2018 onward, will compose Cycle 4, in light of offline work which has been developing for many years; and which has resulted in 16-or-so presentational Areas for organizing things already online, 2004 through 2017. That’s discussed in a posting.

The elaborateness of excursions online, 2004-2017 (amassing over 1,000 Webpages and postings) is also a sign of how manifold is my true and nameless love. (I know that sounds silly. It’s a matter of conceptual estate work.)

The September note below is instructive as still-vague (clueless) anticipation of re-thinking site organization, which became “sundry gardening.” To me, it’s like a narrative by someone else.

September 1, 2017:

Cycle 3 will be very different, no longer divided into the Areas of Cycle 2.
The new Cycle will begin with topics listed on this page, leading to eventual grouping, and perhaps to new Area foci.

The “life world” blog will always note updates, in accord with its indicated “next update here:...” in the upper right corner of the blog. But update notes are likely to turn up there in the meantime. And the blog is itself: a writing project—more than an update page for other projects.

Cycle 2: 2016-mid 2017
The four Areas below draw closure on grouping pages and projects into four main Areas. Cycle 1 (up to 2012—very little was added 2013-2015) had the same four Areas as Cycle 2. So, each Cycle 1’s Area pages and projects are listed at the end of each’s Cycle 2 Area listing below.

The Area division names were always meant to be lighthearted—providing
a quick sense of the site at this home page, mostly: The Area differences were important to me—some years ago; the Area names were apt.

living well -|- March 2016
    Life is good. I dwell here with senses of flourishing.
  literary living -|- April 2016
    for airy gardening. So far there: links to a sequence of eight excursions in mid-March 2016, musing about muses in April 2016, and a link to a blog that will grow beyond autumn 2015 (someday).
  conceptual adventuring -|- May 2017
    Into a flowering of gravity. Why not. I’ve begun a long way.
  mind evolving -|- August 2017

It’s not my mind evolving; that's just individuating—though generally, a tropology of “mind” and “evolving” can avoid silly metaphysicalism.

Development of this Area is finished (8/27 note). That completes Cycle 2
of cohering.net. Four more Cycles are planned. [1/30/18: Two more Cycles are planned.]







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