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january 23, 2010

This site area, “some times,” will become a major deal for me, but it hasn’t been developed as a Website area; it’s quite developed offline. I archive news rather obsessively, so I have a large library of material to work with, in terms of some tens of topics that have been developing for several years.

The “geosociety” link below indicates one of my areas of primary political interest, but it’s not likely to get well developed here soon, due to other interests. However, it will eventually be a focus here. Last September, I intended to make time to comment substantively on the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh; but did not. However, my interest in the topic, the group, is longstanding and will be developed.

The links below to “euroamerican observations” and “democracy in the U.S” indicate two more of the many areas of issues I want to develop, but those are less important to me than an evolving sense of geopolitics generally, relative to which I understand euroamerican relations and democracy in the U.S.

Happenstance of 2008’s presidential election and the invasion of Georgia by Russia caused me to assert my general interest in the two areas, but Georgia was marginal to me even then, though the occasion provided practice keeping up with an issue via Webpaged comment. (Making well-formed Web text is more time consuming than blogging.) Mid-2008, the epochal election completely consumed my free time, but not by writing here. Now, that’s all rightly forgotten in the wake of Obama’s administration and current Events. But the areas were asserted here with pages expressing ephemeral interests.

This week’s disturbing U.S. Supreme Court decision favoring unlimited political spending by corporations has caused me to want to have more important pages of discussion here. But I need to outline a general sense of democracy in the U.S., more specific to this topic than the burgeoning topics of “the evolving project” of 2004-2008.


democracy in the U.S.

euroamerican observations


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