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  overview: some general comments
gary e. davis
December 2018
  Some of the Area headers of The Project link to short discussions (with rollover underlining)—mere prefaces, actually, so far, though The Project is detailed offline, involving over a hundred subtopics, maybe two hundred; I haven’t counted).

the gold dividers on the Area list page

The phrases in gold (“of worlding” ... “of being”) are no big deal. Though not idiomatic, they allude to a common allegory of mountaineering: An adventurous person who enjoys the difficulty of high achievement begins any ascent from within a life, one’s world, that has been made, not merely assimilated. And one returns to make sense of things in shareable ways.

My challenges to myself are conceptual (in a tropical sense, to be detailed).
My Project is very much about process, sojourn, individuation, etc., in terms of topics and themes that are important to me. Sojourning is also about moving on, after coming back: going “up” again, thanks to unprecedented appeals.

the Area list

That is just that: apt titles for the 16 Areas (plus preface) of The Project—yet, also keywords which can be presented as an ordered set, as if itself a table of contents, where each term (sign, trope, concept) is implicitly a question, as if each is also to be a key topic in The Project: “How, what, and why: phenomenal appeal — self-differentiation — personification — tropicality — play — love — mindfulness — flourishing — enjoyment — inquiriality — creativity — pretense — proteanity — conceptuality — imaginability — primordiality — comprehensibility — discourse — philology — humanism — appropriativity — presentation — progressivity — time — of — being?”

What is ‘-ing’ — ‘-al’ — ‘-tion’ — ‘-ity’ — ‘-ness’ — ‘-ment’ without metaphysicalism? What is the conceptuality of a trope marked by a sign? What is ‘-ology’?!
Is ‘-ism’ a discursive formation? At least that, but what is a discursive domain?

The Areas are the same as the Areas of “sundry gardening” because the latter was organized relative to this project, which has had 16 Areas for several years.
I don’t look to former excursions (“s. g.”) to understand the origin of The Project (offline); rather, the former anticipates online what is becoming here, which seems to be another cycle in a self-formation having six cycles offline. I would understand “s. g.” relative to what is becoming of The Project.

“Becoming” is at least a scientific artistry because such is the human condition of Our evolving in a relatively young star system.


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