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  on a way to scale being
gary e. davis
December 13, 2016

We want wording to be graciously clear—communicating well, being responsively receptive, receptively responsive.

Being drawn into a challenge is alright, as long as the discursive degree of gravity remains responsive (albeit centripetally).

So, then, things get obscure in the heart of expression—fine, as long as the highland remains receptive (albeit centrifugally).

Three degrees of textual presencing: communicative (other-oriented), discursive (educive and educative), and expressive (possessed and self-enhancive), each at best well in touch with its receptiveness and responsiveness with others, centripetality and centrifugality in gravity and showing, outerworldliness and innerworldliness.

[Discursive presencing (to me) balances other-orientedness with topical possession, being pragmatically attuned with hermeneutical inspiration.
I live mostly in the balance, intending to be mindfully ambitious, here to be expressively mindful (yet becoming shamelessly audacious).]

Perpendicular—so to speak—to such reading in writing, we live, prior to and beyond all conceptions of presencing. At best, we venture to live broadly, deeply, intimately, and highly.

Presently, I feel bredth as degree of engagement; depth as sense of time, intimacy as sense of being, and highness as joy of venturing.

One might think of bredth as all the sky, depth as all the Earth, intimacy as one’s mortality, and heights as what’s divine—like Heidegger’s Hölderlin.

Anyway, holism is a good thing, cohering: ecospheres, concerts of ecospheres (ecology), ecogenies—tropes and topes, topography, tropology, t[r]opogeny.

Fluid genesis (-ogeny) leads to elastic things (-ography), which leading we may crystallize (-ology).

Phenomenogeny of things shows itself as the things themselves (phenomenography, like auratic stories emerging), which we scaffold, sculpt and animate into conceptual kindness (theory, phenomenology).

We want the better scale, the best, the greatest possession of bredth and depth
and intimacy and height.

What’s cogently possible for generative, telic cohering? What concert of scales,
what scalarity of cohering comprehension, what Conceptuality of Our evolving
can be clearly drawing our potentials? How radiant can be the gravity of a conception?

I don’t know. But it’s fun wandering. Philological play can be wholly engaging
genesis of oneself through joyous venturing—broad (engaging), deep (enowning oneself), intimate (joyous), and high (generative). How radiant can be the gravity of the clearing.

This, I know.


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