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individuality of genesis, part 1 of 8
gary e. davis
May 9, 2017

This topic or domain (or topical domain: “individuality of genesis”—see the table of contents for part 8 of “...conceptual inquiry” ) is too complicated for brief cogency (as if I’ve been cogent all along!).

But I can render the complexity validly, i.e., in terms that may exactly serve later explication (or excavation) in these terms: “It’s exactly the case that...”—that here (“...conceptual inquiry,” like everything before and after this discussion) brevity is metaphorical of [nebulous] discursive engagement (like any “Introduction to...” discussion).

So, indicating tropicality about discussing tropicality, more conceptually, more analytically expresses a recursivity of derivability (hermeneutical translatability of “offline” work) which is generative for shared articulation: an “event of appropri-ation” in a sense here far more modest than Heidegger’s Ereignis, related to highland conceptual venturing “set forth” into discursive events (“set ups”) appealing for ascending steep paths.

So, onward...


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