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gary e. davis
December 29, 2018
  How long a life has grown (beyond being well) to highly feel—richly feel (importantly feel?)—any appealing time.

Capability is deeply proven in potential depths of phenomenality itself, as seeing (prefrontal lobe) “looks back” (visual cortex) to find a phenomenon there, outside oneself.

A genealogy of such enabling echoes in any implicity of comprehension.

The elusive historicity of “my” life echoes a historicality of enculturing selected by my ongoing curiosity, and interest, through countless years and days and times transcended by aspiration (if not audacity).

Adult appreciation is mentored by the teen, mentored by the child, mentored by the incipient mind of infant awe, unwittingly making much-later retrojective notions of innateness fiction (though scientifically worthwhile, to be sure).

There’s outerworldliness of ontogenic nesting, by now so potentially multihorizonal that reverie can be joy.

Outerworldly multihorizonality of ontogenic nesting gives me fun—omoon-ed delight.

Enframing an entrancing time reflects that I’ve enstanced myself as our interface, though as if there’s no “inter-” at all, merely here being as appealing there—[t]here-ing (though concealed here by your attention to my articulation in our resonant event?).

Appeal as that (the appeal), this text, or you reflected, then distinguishes itself in liminality, being the resonant difference between there and here.

Interfaciality can give way to an omoonéd radiance of gravity, ifacial joy of neological flight—omooned ifaciality of poetic presencing, phenomenal fun.

This makes me smile. (Much makes me smile.)

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