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gary e. davis
December 2018
Life divides itself (liminalizes) into inner/outer, and we can scale our worldliness, from tangibility to airy heights.

Intimately, mortality divines itself, while outer sociality finds Earthanity to be cosmic.

Or grounded mortality of Earthan presence turns to abstract divinity of cosmic Being. “Creativity for whom?”

inner/outer, lower/higher: two primal ways to parse lifeworldliness, born from biogenic differentiability that becomes emergent mind.

So to speak, like as if all anthropology is at heart philological, conceptualizing Our philogenc, etymological humanity, so enchanted (without marked framing) by intimacies of [mystery troped in discourses of] genealogy (after precious fables of genesis).

And it came to pass that there arose ontologies (which are really epochal Ontogenies).

Anthrogeny, let’s say, names our articulating species’ artful concertings of godly “teleology” evolving into, now, Anthropocenic expectation of exobiological Contact (if We survive).

Lifeworldly aspiration lives in the midland membranes where all “being” is literairy, as if [t]here being between implied, inspiring conceptuality and lovely, applicable phenomenality.

“Love and death,” you soberly reminded.

Life is strange, often beautiful enough.

So to sleep, perchance there be another day—for decadence!

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