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gary e. davis
December 2018
World, worlds...literary, scientific, humanistic, algorithmic, whatever, human being is nebulously manifold.

A, one, life can feel plural at heart, a distributed mindfulness among others’ ways of being.

So, any moment with others may be at least scenic (genuine stage front) for feeling days (authentic backstage) as assemblage art.

I call It dramactionality of living in self/interpersonal differences; s/p difference, for short.

It’s complicated: Selfness of a life wholly attuned to itself (being in Time of one’s ownmost temporality of being) is more than selfidentity relative to so many interpersonal engagements.

But my sense of S/s/p differentiality belongs to The Project altogether.

In a generative presence of true love, may we each become both “feminine” and “masculine” as neither in wholly being one gynandrous (androgynous) self—while enjoying the prospect of one Self as “souls” meant to be witnessed by eternity, as life indeed is divine comedy.

Funny how theorists of happiness distinguish “hedonic” from “eudaimonic,” yet shy away from erotic conveyance (though that gets theorized, too), as if otherwise is transgressive in public (i.e., in “professional” publication). May the Sirens do them in.

We seek the highest scalarity of generative enthrall in a courage of innerworldliness—AEros—which has no theory, dear.

We’re a singular pretense of promise for scientific artistry, conceiving glorious life for a common paradise of highly belonging with being—while living graciously with others’ days, clearly requiring humility in having shameless fun.

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