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  conceptual play
gary e. davis
May 2022
  Humoring is a funny act: As humanity conceptually evolved beyond positing mysterious essences of a person, the presumption of some homogenous nature of the other continued to be served. Whatever is going on for the other in some given scene, polite folks indulge their mysterious “nature.” To be more exact (according to the Unabridged): We “comply with the humor of...comply with the nature of...soothe or content by indulgence...adjust matters to the peculiarities or exigencies of...adapt oneself to...”

Alas, pragmatism is as old as truly teaching.

deep heights appealing to low shallows -|- May 21, 2022
  being young and flowing fast in shallow waters versus being old and flowing slowly
with the deep
fun finding more flow-ers -|- November 2021
  intimations of enthralling horizonal appeals.
Play is the thing of course -|- January 2019
  ... though being reasonable here by addressing you in brief recounting—still aspirational, audacious, staying fair to a flowering poetics, incipient always, as if creative fruitfulness shows never-endingness: eternal Opening of Our evolving (which is reasonable, too).

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