March 4, 2014:

My Habermasian engagements trace back many years, though this project (vital to me) was not axial for what I'm generally doing.

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  august 2009
  Preface ••

This is work done “after” the work of Jürgen Habermas—in light of, beyond. It's meant to be discursively practical, but also sought, conversely, to bridge practical political interests to discursive interests, as part of a larger endeavor.

Blog notes (“our evolving”)commentary on project development, on some dramatic current events (mostly 2006), and on Habermas group participationaccompanied the project up to early 2008, but use of the blog for that will continue relative to work, more about the holism of our evolving than about specifically-Habermasian concerns.

  February 2007
  Reason for Democracy
    A brief on grounding democracy in our form of life.
  February 2007
  Theory” and “Practice
    that old love song redux, but now let’s get realistic.
  December 2004 / August 2007
  Lifeworld ••
    Life as life, my life, the world, the life of the world of life worlding?
  November 2004
  Policy: the concept
    From living well by design to designing good government
  November 2004 / July 2007
  Well-being and Public Policy
    some programmatic notes on doing theory as practice
  July 2007
  Caring for freedom ••
    It's a natural virtue.
  November 2004
  Cultivation of humanity ••
    Need a reason to live?
  June 2008
  “Post-secularity” as just modern humanism
    A humanistic appreciation of cultural diversity finds our shared planetary history.
  October 2005
  News, theory, and truth ••
    notes on theorizing from practices for interdisciplinary inquiry
  November 2004
  On “evolving”
    It’s where and what we are, as the world turns all at once.
  March 2006
  Pragmatics of Justification
    how to be a Habermasian beyond Habermas (son of Habermas
without Bloomian “anxiety of influence”)
  March 2007
  Discursive reading
    a hermeneutical hike

  April 2007
  Appeal of discursive deliberation
    New media can be a great contribution to designing democratic futures.
  March 2006
  Democracy’s parents: developmental engagements ••
    bridging practice and theory in the making of creative adults
  July 2008
  Religiously-motivated programs and broadly-public goods
    a street-level application of the above “'Post-secularity' as just modern humanism”
  November 2006
  Habermas on Europe ••
    Is metropolitan regionalism replacing the mandate of the nation state?
  October 2007
  Habermas and “political world society ••
    Is cosmopolitan constitutionalism good for our hybrid evolutionarity?
  August 2006
  Primer on Islam, democratic development, and philosophy
    pursuing a theory <-> policy <-> activism interface
  May 2007
  Habermas and the market for ideas
    going with The Flow
  August 2003
  Searching for sustainability
    integrative discursive inquiry as environmental philosophy
  June 2008
  american earthling does Habermas
    It was all part of lifelong learning. These are materials that were not updated or not moved to the Habermas project at

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