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gary e. davis
September 20, 2020
The archaic notion of soul—still so idiomatic, yet ancient—has been easily shown to be the early conception of Self. The intrinsic interest of oneSelf in enhance-ment or flourishing or high individuation is echoed by the best of classical liter-atures.

‘Humanism’ is at least a trope for—it symbolizes—the richly woven and generative partnership of humanity and the humanities.

But a keynote of that is that the history is not about its historicality. It’s about
Our interest in futurity that is traceable back as far as the written word.

Likewise for the historicity of a life: From infancy onward, futural interest in self-enhancement draws a life into ever welcomed appeals for more experience, more learning, more trails to explore, more horizons to chase.

Historicism conceals the point of Our having been living for the children’s better lives, paying forward for ancestral “blessings” in light of ideals, as well as loving as much higher individuation as we can afford—as time, resources, opportunity, encouragement, and concerted enabling or mentoring. The Word of history is
to turn toward your own futurity in light of what’s been learned.

Any teacher knows that higher talent always shows higher interest in flourishing than lower talent. More starkly: The higher one’s intelligence (however that’s defined—learnability, let’s say), the more self-enhancively one is drawn to engage with the world. That’s the nature of Selfality expressing Our “natural goodness.”

Intrinsic self-enhancive interest (proven by any healthy, well-parented child) loves enculturation and, later, the appeal of admirable exemplarity (virtue) through self-actualization of one’s potential. The virtue of sophisticating oneself—from Greek paideia through Latin humanitas to the modern appeal of higher education (and genuine meritocracy—which Michael J. Sandel misunderstands)—that virtue is sacred (or deserves to be so).

The discussion above has expressed a 3-fold sense of selfidentical or personistic life:

concerted care: caring about and for others so they may care about and for themselves excellently.

Giving concerted attention to actualizaton of human potential belongs to one’s nature just as it does for others, yet belongs to others (for oneself) only as importantly as it’s appreciated as belonging to one’s own nature.

You are the basis for appreciating others’ potential, thanks to the concerted cultivation that brought your individuation to its appreciability—self-concerting in light of concerted care—which individuated intrinsic capacity into fruitful capability—including, maybe, loving to endlessly learn.

actively being: We are self-enhancive beings whose psychalogical nature trans-forms itself during development into increasingly capable identity—being a self-identical, appellantly horizoned life of one’s own making.

That may reveal a protean sense of personity (Selfidenty or humanity) mirrored by the awing scale of the humanities, enlightening one’s increasingly complex potential for singularly being well across eras of life.

anticipating furthered evolving: The appeal of lastingness in contributing to one’s world is only certified by time, as influence belongs to others’ future—like the virtue of oneself is for others to say, as a life can only do its best to be worth that. Expecting to be historical is vanity, but living for the sake of humanistic influence is noble—or deserves to be regarded so.

Altogether, the enabling, purposing, and cohering of individuations may trend into contributing to Our evolving. And it’s our nature to venture conceptions of
it all, as if some ultimately appellant cohering has radiant gravity.


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