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democracy in the U.S.

As I mentioned at the “some times” page, I need to outline a general sense of democracy in the U.S., more specific to this area than the burgeoning topics of “the evolving project” of 2004-2008.

january 22, 2010
  for a higher quality of political commons
    In “light” of yesterday’s Supreme Court decision (which unlimits corporate political contributions), this will become a page beyond the current posting.

The January 21 Supreme Court decision provided an occasion to begin thinking again about what I want to do with “democracy in the U.S.” But the 1/22 posting is certainly no beginning for my interest in democracy (theoretical and practical), which is integral to all of the decades of my adult life.
september 5, 2008
  a note in the flow of the 2008 Obama campaign
    To a field campaigner working in support of Obama among undecided voters

This note on the Obama campaign is typical of lots of writing on the campaign I did elsewhere, mid-2008. It expresses some important points about my sense of democracy, but it's an ephemeral note.
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