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gary e. davis

March 20, 2016

part 6 of 8


Flow of mind is a fine playtime, being given to the play of time.

I’m in longing love with evolving ways I’m being drawn, concerted, constellated.

Playing time spawns stances, figures, images, musing, moving designs, constellations, interfacing, interplay, and recursive transcending—at heart a wholly enthralled flourishing before and beyond liminalities of inner self and others, authoriality, authorship, writing, reading, as I’m highy drawn, composed, written by generative appeals, gravitational horizons, mental play of it all, dancing with a muse, self-begetting, phenomenogeny, all presencing. I’m others, mysteries. I’m living things.

But here, conditions of well-ordered presentation prevail. Writing in reading and reading myself in writing—one self-differential articulating conceals the mirrorplay of pathmaking. Here being drawn into cohering, self-concerting constellating, emplacing/enplacing one as here—being here, self-differentiating there as being “here” is lexicalized.

Phenomenogeny of appealing plays recursively in waying one on, redrawing, re-cohering generatively.

Narrating is self-differential, and my reading that recursively affects further narrating through the anticipatory, futural interest beyond present em-partiality so said by self-differentiating mirrorplay. But the recursivity of affect, the efficacy of appellant interest, and manifold associativity in the play of articulation is missing in the lexical line.

Phenomenal self-differentiating may reflect inner-oriented appeal, mirroring as windowing (as if the phenomenon’s appearance prevails) as ordinary personifying of interesting phenomena (of others, of things), enlisting phenomenality in self-drawing, self-concerting, self-cohering, re-identifying of time self-differentiatially.

Outer-oriented phenomenality is itself beyond mirroring (beyond being) as if reaching to communicate (showing itself, being as if a thing has intentionality apart from my personification, i.e., giving it orientation of itself toward me), thereby being itself through being, complementing you being here with “your” (our) terms (being), giving life to words and things.

Phenomenogeny happens in a liminality of difference: being through being— generatively mirrorwindowing?—with and for one’s receptiveness (you being here).

In time—projective and receptive, responsive in being receptive, yet purely receptive, too—braiding temporality of inner-oriented and outer-oriented phenomenality, liminality of being drawn and reaching, granting and bearing, mirrorplays self-generatively or selformatively manifoldly sublime, aura-ic, potentially splendid presence (presencing here: present).

But maybe that embedded trOpical conceptuality doesn’t work well.

If a tree speaks to me, I’m en-membering myself with her manifold branching and rooted stance. All perceiving well could be called enmembering oneself with presences.

Anticipatory enmembering precedes remembrance, and both play to enplace a present.
A moment is already imbued with imagination and memory—constructive—such that all experience is also imaginative remembering in being drawn and being reached, borne and granted, granting in bearing in granting, already responding in receiving. Remembrance as such is desired reiteration, enplaced by ongoing life, mirroring emergent futurity in recall.

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