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gary e. davis
January 4, 2019
  This short preface—biased by interest in “intelligence”—precedes an intended longer preface because I need this for recent days’ writing that presumes a useful sense of intelligence here.

Most simply, human intelligence is self-enhancive learnability that gains multi-tasking eficacy that is appreciable.

In time, individuated capability feels intrinsically given; one’s efficacy, a cohering enactiveness; appreciability, a temporal legacy of fulfillment, which feels its past motivating more promising intention, as if one’s historicity of fulfillment is the nature of what’s being given to desire what “It” gives way to wanting.

There’s no end to how fine that can be componentialized (as theorists of intelligence do). Sensibility may seem to make “intelligence” instrumental to identity, though individuation has enmeshed burgeoning identity and integral intelligence into sensibility all along, as if selfidentical intelligence employs itself for furthering sensibility of identity.

Capability of sensibility enacts conceptual componentiality for the sake of selfidentical value.

Somatal, long-lived Self gains longstanding self-differentiation (implicitly, at least, as background lifeworld cohering) as coherent self confidence or identity (overt awareness that “I” am), managing various interpersonal bonds (as if naturally born to do so).

Given purposefulness of individuation, ideally flourishive, even highly aspiring (authentically inspired by lifelong horizons)—purposefulness shows as enactive goal-orientedness of achievement, ideally excellent (good productivity) that gains evidentiary effectiveness (appealing efficacy), ideally fulfilling.

A virtue of intelligent life is authentic engagement in good productivity that gains appealing efficacy.

Such a view of flourishing individuation can be made as complex as you can enjoy, relative to unifying psychology, advancing theory of child and adult development, educational psychology, theory of mind, and conceptual studies in humanities—all premised (to my mind) by a good sense of worthwhile life.

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