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gary e. davis
August 20, 2023

The Project currently is in cycle 5, which largely means that informal writing years ago became organized into Areas, which later became a new set of Areas,
as the short writing projects came to have a light-hearted ascending and descending pretense of Area titles, discussed here. Cycle 5 will not be anything like earlier pretenses. A new sense of Areas which is more specific, more topic focused, less airy, will emerge.

The header and text below was moved from “the project currently” page. I may have seemed a little didactic.
My feeling was that my transition to a new sense of project was so engaged with desire to be more conceptual that I needed to avow my practicality, as well as keeping a sense of lightness about pretense.

For some while, the project will stay oriented by interest in practical contexts (but not relative to current events in major public media), even though the concept-
uality of my prospecting may seem abstract.

aspects of a project on humanity currently -|- June, 2023
  Enough about “humanity” already?

Well, that’s my “god”: evolving humanity.

And there’s enough inhumanity already (urban, military, and primative),
which goes on and on and on like a species barely emerged from a jungle; and
still possessed by ethereal personifications of aspiration and authority which
don’t stop inhumanity.

So another year arrived, pandemic marginalized, and a principle-based global order managing to prevail, which causes wanting to focus more conceptually
than during most months of last year, in light of protean affections of autumn (part of prospecting and gardening during recent years).



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