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  fabulative psychality
gary e. davis
August 19, 2023
Fabulation is as natural as healthy childhood.

Being in fabulative psychality is a topic as limitless as tracing an evolution of folk culture into highly literary life.

Fabulative psychality shows in mythical belief; folk integrations of all combin-ations of personal, cultural, conceptual, social, and political life; ideologies (genuine and phony); arts; and even audacious theorizing in science. Any pheno-
menality can have echoes, if not implicatures, of fabulation. It’s as integral to psychality as tropology might be for artistic life.

Everybody’s got a life story, which is always partly fiction. We “stretch” the truth for the sake of storial coherence. While professional philosophers rightly reject any coherence theory of truth, ordinary life will have none of it: If it “sounds good,” it is. If it “holds water,” it’s good.

For a large share of humanity, evolving is still in childhood. Extending the trope: The adolescence of humanity is sociocentric with pretenses of autonomy, on the way to fairly autonomous adulthood of flourishing. There’s a large body of well-evidenced research for credibly modeling isomorphisms of good individuation
and cultural evolving, especially well exemplified by the career of Habermas.
I wouldn’t advocate a return to psychohistory, but apparently the field of intel-
lectual history intimates going there.

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