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personified psychal cohering

  psychalogical inflation
gary e. davis
August 19, 2023
To evidence vanity mirroring in fabulation, one need only look to personification in romanticism (which is an industry). I shall resist.

Commonly, though, psychal inflation is a response to needing consolidation, but lacking capability to do so validly. The person is subject to need of life-oriental coherence which must be secured by will (or by yielding subjectively to given authority).

I associate that with the “stage” (a theater) of individuation which developmental psychology commonly regards as “pre-conventional” (parental, at best; tradi-tionally paternalist), which, in adult phase (retarded individuation) tends to wel-come autocratic authority. (Authentic Christianity is not autocratic.)

Conceptual versions of this trace back to “ontic” prospecting in metaphysicalist thinking, as if there is an Archimedean Point which can be divined (thus, “warranting” stipulations of social power).

In effect, intimations of panpsychality are as old as finding “spiritual” power “proven” by luck; and events as “acts of the god” which are thereby explained.

The consolidational efficacy of mythical storiation is panpsychal.

Classical transcendentalism displays a panpsychal tropology for the mystery
of genesis.

Commonly, panpsychal implicature is expressed in stipulations of intention in causality; or behaviors are ascribed to show activity by design. Anything regarded as built is thereby regarded as intended, especially sanctification of nature as created (growth as being built), for which nature would thank us (by going its own way), if domestication of nature weren’t regarded as a god-given entitlement, including destroying what inhibits “development.”

Let there be a religion of bioecology, if people can’t protect the miracle of biodi-versity through enlightened public policy.

Let there be gods in the forests nurturing the valleys.

Let there be a spirit of humanity which ensures the sacredness of actual persons,
if one can’t appreciate the miracle of evolved humanity in good faith toward each present other’s innate potential and intrinsic integrity.

But too often, panpsychal implicature shows as displaced responsibility—displaced response ability—in terms of magical constraints, hidden forces, or scapegoated others.

Meanwhile, depth-psychal bases of distorted individuations are concealed from remediation by a health care industry which won’t support long-term psychodyn-
amic work; public policy which insufficiently supports pre-K through grade 12 educational excellence; and marketing empires which will sell anything it can to anyone.

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