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  differentiality modeled as 3-fold practicality
divining differences, part 5 of 5
gary e. davis
April 24, 2017

Happy play is at least fair posturing, enstancing, imitating, enframing, “like...” stance shifting or frame shifting—free resonance of fair laughter, “us” altogether in shared belonging together in nebulosity of the day.

Yet, playtime is contained largely by practical interest (though maybe not for artists and audacious venturers), which I’ll pragmatically divide into three kinds of desire (or wanting—often felt as need) for differential focus or differentiated clarity—for differentiating, which serves focus and clarity of three kinds (in terms of projects, as trope for any rich interest in or ownership of activity):

  • Wanting well-orderedness of given differentiality orients action relative to existing project-ive and systemic interests.
  • Wanting new differentiations to be evinced or educed serves project formation or creative process.
  • Wanting differentiations to be consolidated into project-ive form serves definition (telic articulation, gaining well-orderedness) of projectivity.

In other words, project-ivity enjoys richness of cohering differentiality and differentiated identity. Project-ivity wants to identify (and identify with) differentiated phenomena for the sake of good orientation, discovery, and purpose.

For classical Greek thought (which is a vast portion of the evolution of Western sensibility, apart from philosophy), well-orderedness seems to have been most important to the ethos of “our” times (e.g., religious ethnicity which modernized
into civil society). Educive, evincive interest seems to have been most important
to artistry (which became formal art) and inquiry (which became modern science)—poiesis of “our” times. And ordering of life seems to have been most important to leading minds or aspirations of leadership (from evolution of individuality through evolution of progressive politics), shaping the logos of “our” times.

But the leading desire of social evolution has been inquiry and artistry (poiesis), in light of which ordering of “our” world can be progressive (logos), in light of which society sustains its good (ethos).

So, in a sense, evolving—relative to the Greek notions (which evolved—modernized— into, let’s say, scientific arts [poiesis], practical sciences [logos], and high culture [ethos])—seems (I would argue, in light of many years of wondering) led by audacious venturing, inquirial persistence, or scientific artistry.

“Evolving...seems led...”: This is the kind of story I favor, in light of minds which I’ve found most engaging (works to be engaged and constellated in further venturing here to share)—which seem to me to be leading works.


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