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  autogenic desire
scaffolding presence, part 1 of 6
gary e. davis
April 25, 2017

A healthy child, having had enough sleep and satisfied with nourishment, wants to play, curiously, i.e., to enact curiosities of play.

Satisfaction of need is mere pretext for enacting desire. Desire evinces from oneself intrinsically, as if—and in fact—self enhanciveness is autogenous, self-enhancive.

All mammalian cubs want to play and explore. Pliant stemmings of plants “want” to play in the breeze (which causes capillary “action”), to “enjoy” the light.

Life thrives for itself. From a futural point of view (oriented to there being heirs), life has survived that “wants” the flourishing of its kind (thus surviving open, thriving heirs of want, to now “do” anything at all).

It’s of genomic legacy that there’s open-futured generative promise. Genomes express intrinsic futurity of rc/rs enactivity, a legacy of potential for beginnings, no Origin of anything. Yet, the “genetics” of mind evinces from itself, autogenous in desire to enact all it can.


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