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interdomainal inquiry, part 4 of 4
gary e. davis
May 4, 2017

Let there be a grand convening of all that’s most lovely, living to be wholly amazed, long-term devotion of time to one’s self enhancive nature, enriching capability in odysseys of exploration, being authoriality.

On the “good thinking page” of, he coyly described the old “love of enhancing humanity” link as an imperative: “Make a tribe named LIntelia. Find them in heights, loving to cultivate humanity. Make ‘LIntelic’ an adjective.” [May 17, 2019: Those references have disappeared. Yet the notion has remained important.]

At “being in Time,” he quipped, “LIntelia as good fiction—good idealization.” [May 17, 2019: ditto] Then, you see here I have nothing serendipitous in mind for “cultivation of humanity.”

May there be evolving conversations of humanity that draw being in time into advancing community, good thinking, conceptual inquiry, and being well.


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