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  gravity of Time
gary e. davis
March 22, 2016

Dear Ada,

There’ll always be too much to appreciate fairly and too little time to share enough.

In the beginning, you were pure futurity, you know, flowering through love of
your joy in venturing.

(Isn’t that parenting at heart?: teaching love of learning better and higher thrills?) You were destined to become a clueless teen who’s sure she’s not clueless anymore (you know).

I’m old and still clueless, I know—and loving it! But I’ve been sharp enough to escape death and to imagine a wealth of wonders to anticipate yet, as well as to remember because I invested my time well to create rich sensibility.

It’s delicious now, having much to love doing—which arose from staying True to cherished ventures, despite frightening turns and so on, for there are peaks and awing horizons to fuel more adventure.

Make yourself an insistent mind (never inflexible), having headstrong aspiration (never obstinate), being implacable love (never obdurate).

You will fall. So be it! That only happens because you can stand well. Stand again
and do what you need to have done.

Enjoyment of my adventures—wandering, creative writing, academic prospecting— isn’t based in others’ awareness of my enjoyment. But that doesn’t make the enjoy-ment selfish! Calling to art may not be admired by careerists. Calling to tedious scientific research may not be admired by marketers. No matter. An exhilarating venture may draw you out of their lowlands into heights they don’t imagine, because you feel a gravity of wholly being that is enough in itself (given resources for basic life, not to oversimplify the challenges of being strange to others in your beautiful abandon).

Remember gifted Ada Lovelace, who sought to invent a “poetical science,”
19th century. So many women have made their courage to venture in original ways that no one else anticipated. Artistry of life, whatever the gifts of your ways, is poet-ical science: drawing you into wholly open Flows, yet also requiring exact focus— wholly open receptiveness (sensibility, perception, feeling), wholly open responsive-ness (intuition, valuing, thinking).

Flow and focus in gravities of Time.

Inner worldliness, outerworldliness, Mindfulness, worldliness—Deeply breathing in, fully breathing out...

Balance in time is sort of a science, maybe?

And awing Flow of being is held in mindfullness, growing in Our evolving.

So, receptiveness and responsiveness—all there is to do—of being is indeed
some kind of poetical science.

In light of day, a cat is often serene musing—detached witness—while in the night, there’s eros of venturing.

Insight is sometimes dark lightning.

Creativity is, in a sense, for the catkin, innocence, eerie realization, eros of transgression, uncanny joy.



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