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  alive, in good spirits
gary e. davis
Dec. 9, 2018
I anticipate the days I’ll wake to realize I’m not dead yet. “I’ll actually, today,...”

Breathe in deeply, breathe out fully. I’m merely anticipating distant inevitability.

To mind, a resemblance of good receptiveness, good responsiveness may suggest itself—may echo as an isomorphic trope: Internalizing (inhaling, being receptive), externalizing. That also suggests (to my mind) a common dyad—partnership—in talk about adapting or learning: assilimating (internalizing), accomodating.

Actually, inhaling is responsive to need (while being a trope of receptivity).
So, inhaling is both—or neither. Tropes have bounded relevance. Breathing is a responsive receptiveness of life as simply alive?

Anyway, isomorphism is fascinating, I realize—and actualize here in asserting that. Receptively internalizing a point (realizing), I responsively externalize the point (actualizing).

Breath of life—the origin of the notion of spirit—may be dynamically good, showing byWay complementarity well. The realizing life actualizes itself in “the” (its—Its) worlding.

Yet, beyond thriving (life as healthy being alive), we hope for flourishing: excellent spirit, “eudaimonia,” the classical Greeks would say: good (eu) spirit (daimon) being there (-ia).

But did they understand “good” as being excellent?

Certainly, they idealized perfectibility—which retains credibility as horizon of aspiration that, like any horizon, recedes as you go toward it, drawing you on, appealing for your engagement (on the way to your personal best?), as if some god intones, “Learning never ends.”

We never reach perfection (an ultimately silly notion), but the aspiration may do wonders (if you don’t ruin yourself: “Inhale deeply, exhale fully”).

“He does appreciate that, even effectively.”

Realization can “rise” to high appreciation of a horizon. Actualization can scale to great effectiveness of a project.

“Like” inhaling, receptiveness, realizing, appreciating grants something—a horizonality, a Futurity, one might say.

Like exhaling, responsiveness, actualizing, effecting bears something—a project-ivity, a Present, one might say.

I stipulate that I’m for high futurity in horizonality and great scalarity in project-ivity.

I’m for grandly Open receptivity and authentic responsivity of one’s potential.

Relative to a—my, the—discernible horizon of humanity, I’m for caring about our long-term quality of life.

What may be beautifully notable about this is how ordinary such valuing is these days (despite my improvising tropography)—yet, how timidly lived?

How ordinary should being in Time show one being well through caring about Our quality of life!


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