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preface: being of the play

  love of better being
gary e. davis
December 12, 2018
  February 15, 2018
  Any painter will agree that gessoing a new canvas is exciting labor, because
that’s expressing an emergence of wholly free possibility, relative to the medium.

The musicians convene for a new session, elated by being together again,
no one having any idea what’ll happen.

The writer’s blank page says “I’m a new day”—a new communion we may play?

More fun is immanent!

dear casual tourist
  growing up, achieving enough, paying forward, moving on
  alive, in good spirits
  eternal return of days: moving on, in love (however silly) of good times
  as if being with “you”: a continuum of worldliness in sense of address
  wholly flourishing creativity venturing mindfully
  loving life in joy of our being here
May 4, 2018
being an intergenric sensibility



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