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  loving life in joy of our being here
gary e. davis
Dec. 11, 2018
Centripetal gathering, upland gardening leads to its complement: designs for downland fruitfulness, centrifugal appropriations, showing practicality, being worthwhile.

Devotion to that too is no letdown from supposed heights any more than sharing is supplemental, no more supplemental than a joy of being with you for the sake of your enjoyment.

We can share the fun of outrageous ambition, because it always reminds us of our finitude. “Learning never ends,” I say everywhere, because it’s a happy resignation, as well as avowal. “And then: Life goes on,” not only because ordinariness is most days, but because simple beauty is always possible, always implicitly prospected in loving to learn from congestions, so-called failures, whatever.

And isn’t tripped up ambition lovely in its ownmost way?

We deserve to believe in our potentials and promise because it’s intrinsic to loving life: to know that the world is better because we’re in it; that our futurity is worthy of us, thus our past that is defined by our ongoing purposefulness is worthy of us.

There is noblesse oblige for all of us, because we’re worth it. So, we make caring about their future quality of life worthwhile. We make an aim of leaving a legacy that’s lasting worthwhile. We make advancing community for the audacious sake of advancing the future of humanity worthwhile.


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